RTO’s Renekton vs Aatrox top lane. High Elo Gameplay showing how to play Renekton. Is Wit’s End Renekton Viable?

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Ultimate Renekton Matchup Guide


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  1. Releasing the Ultimate Guide to Renekton Part 4 on Tomorrow at 10am Central time. This is a guide on how to become a MID GAME MONSTER! Focusing hard on Split Pushing and Wave Management. This is the reason why I always out CS my opponents. A reminder that parts 1, 2, 3 and 7 are already done so make sure to check them out!

  2. 04:10 – 04:30 is fucking painful to watch but boy do I love your vids. Been with you from the start, stay real, stay genuine and you will go so far!

  3. i love your vids but you really got to change your name. I can't tell you the amount of times I've ignored one of ur vids cause i thought u were SRO. Even though ur name is different it is still way too close. Unless you want to keep being associated with that ass clown you should really change your name. I love your vids and I don't want more people to ignore your vids cause the names are so similar….

  4. Id do the same damage with youmoos and I will also have an activatable item with movement speed , i'd say dont build that shit item when there are more optimal items

  5. Wits end is the one of the worst possible buys on renekton like what the fuck makes yo think that its good, it deals 42 on hit damage lets say you want to combo even if u use empowered w it you will deal like 3×42 on hit and several autos thats like 200-250 max on hit damage on a short period of time like whatkxşajdşwmfö its not the item that dealing damage and destroying people its your fucking broken ass champion with damn high base damage ass skills and wits end shouldnt be bought unless they have 5 kassadin, im just triggerd i dont know

  6. i was pretty skeptical of the wit's end rush because aatrox wasn't really all that fed

    then you just roamed the map and fucked up a couple more people with it. okay, i'll try it.

  7. I know this sounds kinda cringe, but in detail, why wits end instead of something like youmuus or BC? and when would you take wits end?

  8. Nice content again I learned in the last months so much about renekton because of you keep it up best streamer!
    But I don't understand why wits end is so strong on renek so I don't understand the item itself could you explain it to me pls? 🙂


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