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Everypony’s showing their parents some love in a pair of special Limited-Time Stories dedicated to the bonds of family!


Pinkie Pie plans a family reunion and learns what raising a foal was like from some friends of the family.

A day of buckball practice turns into an impromptu Wonderbolts lesson. But Rainbow Dash may need help from her folks to whip a newbie into shape!

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the music I put on my videos are not my owned all the credits goes to the owner..I use songs in mix sometimes I forget the names so here is the link to the channel..

The official free MLP game! Meet Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash & more ponies!

Saddle up for fun, friendship and adventure with all of the most popular ponies in Equestria in the free official game based on the phenomenal MLP TV show!
Only Twilight Sparkle — the student of Princess Celestia — and her friends Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and the rest can save the day for every horse in the city as they farm resources, meet cute friends and reach for their dreams!
* OVER 300 CHARACTERS: Meet a royal prince or princess one day, a cute adventure-seeking horse the next day and who knows what the next! Give them places to stay, nibble on hay and hear what they have to say.
* SO MUCH TO EXPLORE: See the Crystal Empire, Canterlot, Sweet Apple Acres farm and more!
* MAKE A PRETTY PONY HOME: Beautify your MLP town and make it better than in any other city builders out there with cute houses, adorable decorations and enough magic for everypony that gallops by!
* FANTASTIC QUESTS: Go on adventures based on your favorite stories from the TV show, and confront villains such as Tirek, King Sombra, Nightmare Moon, the Changelings and more!
* MINI-GAMES: Play Ball Bounce with Twilight Sparkle, Magic Wings with Rainbow Dash, and get down with every horse in town in the Equestria Girls Dance games!
* CUSTOM FASHION: Give cute makeovers to turn any pony into a prince or princess pony with royal dresses and beautiful hairstyles featuring a rainbow of colors.
* FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC: Interact with friends and compete in hoof-pounding events!
* REAL PONY VOICES: Enjoy the official voice talent from the show!
Perfect for fans of city builders, free games or anyone who dreams of lounging on a pile of hay on the farm, surrounded by cute MLP horse friends such as Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash, and becoming a royal prince or princess!

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  1. i was wondering if you could make a video on how you design your “worlds.” i’m trying to keep my ponyville clean but it’s pretty difficult

  2. Hi everypony! 🙂
    I want to say a one thing…
    If you have over 50 000 magic coins when story is over, you get 30 gems. (30 gems is max.)
    I think you get 20 gems when you have over 30 000 magic coins when story is over.
    I can’t say smaller amounts because I’ve always had over 30 000 magic coins when story was over. :^)

  3. Wow good job! I’m saving up the coins just cuz when the event is over I can get gems for them 😛 and cool vid!

  4. I am almost done with the Last Stage I think today I am going to get Wind Sprint…Love you Catch The Play ♥️

  5. Wow, you got Lightning Dusk too… that's nice
    I am not far from wind sprint, just a few upgrades
    Btw my code is f74c660


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