We Built a Hollow Wooden Surfboard!


This chambered wooden surfboard is hands down my favorite project I’ve ever built! We used construction grade lumber for this build to keep the cost down and it worked really well. Super excited to get some more surf sessions in and I will definitely keep you updated over on Instagram with future sessions! Thank you everyone for the support on this project, it truly means the world to see y’all excited about what we are making in the shop✌🏼#surfing

Thank you Total Boat and Arbortech for sponsoring this project!🙏🏼
Arbortech Mini Grinder Used:
Total Boat Epoxy Used (Coupon code “WOODBREW1” gets you 15% off):

Plans Available Here:

Part 1:

Blog Post:

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  1. A glass schedule was needed on this board. A good one could've be 6+4 oz or 4+4 oz. to make it lighter since it's wood. A single 6 oz. on bottom. It would have been structurally better with such. This is more of a wall hanger. Eventually the epoxy will weakened and water will log in it. Unless you haven't done at least 3 coats on each sides and it still can penetrate in through microscopical holes. Do not use foam sponges. When the epoxy resin warms up it tends to melt the foam and particles fall on the hotcoat. Best ones are the cheap 3" China made brushes. The board is nice though. Rip it up!

  2. Hey mate, do you really believe that only liquid epoxy is enough on wood core without any fiberglass skin? I think you only built one wooden board which will probably be very nice to see and to hook on a wall, but either last for a very short time not for the structure but for the water going in to the wood soon….and when wood keeps water…..is not easy to fix then. Cheers f

  3. Great job guys. For a first time on a surfboard, it's very impressive.

    I mentioned before that I got contracted to rebuild the woodwork for a 1931 Chevy Woody Wagon. I settled on TotalBoat Halcyon for the finish. I am overall very happy with the finish. It has a slight orange peel to it. Kinda what you were seeing with the epoxy. It doesn't level out as dead flat as a General Finishes Clear Poly, but it's still flat enough that the client is very happy with the result. And a minor amount of orange peel in trade for all the benefits, it's a no brainier. I'm definitely willing to use their products again… And I don't say that about many products lol.

    Again, great job on the surfboard. I've never seen one made before.

  4. Wow, y'all this is the most impressive thing we've had the pleasure of watching you build yet! You truly have no limits! You both are so creative and talented. I almost feel guilty getting to see the final results in less than an hour from the comfort of my couch. This clearly demanded a TON of time and effort. Good on you! I'll probably never build one myself, but will be ordering plans anyway, just to learn more about the process. Fascinating stuff!

  5. Great job. A few things that would make it better might be more attention to shaping the rails and adding a light fiberglass to prevent your panel from delaminating. Look up some videos on glass lay ups, not too hard.

  6. I haven't done any surfing so this may be a dumb question but isn't the board super slick when you get it wet? Seems like it would be hard to stand on it without something a little rougher where you stand?

  7. Всё круто, только одного не пойму, почему Дилан не сделал шаблоны на чпу для врезания плавников, было бы быстрее, а главное точнее.

  8. Awesome project and it came out looking AMAZING!!! Your logo on the wood, between the penetrating apoxy and thick apoxy, wood have looked sooooo good……. mabey next time? I'm not a surfer, but that board looks good enough to sell! Love it!👍👍👍👍👍👍

  9. Just a quick tip glue up from the centre and work your way out that way you get a good clamp up without notching the board


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