Tokaido – How To Play


Watch It Played is a series designed to teach and play games. In this episode we’re going to learn how to play Tokaido.

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  1. This is best I've ever seen a board game explained. Really clear, to the point and perfectly paced video. Thanks!

  2. I've watched a few different tutorial videos about this game to figure out if I would like it. This video is the ONLY tutorial I can say I fully understood and I will now definitely purchase the game. THANK YOU!

  3. The first time I played this, the guy ho brought it would hold the panorama cards until they're revealed so they don't get spoilt when revealed…

  4. Okay, that is far and away the best board game tutorial I've ever seen. Excellent! Off to play with the family.

  5. I know this is an older video, but thank you so much for making these. I work with teens at a public library and teach them new board games every other week. Your videos have streamlined my prep time and saved me so much confusion over instructions!

  6. I think rules online is great, but my friend thinks me watching the rules online is stupid. She says “what if they are telling you how to play the game the way THEY play the game? Or how to play it wrong?” I think she’s crazy… what does the Internet world think?!

  7. First actually helpful tutorial Ive seen on youtube. I came here with no knowledge on this game and Im leaving confidently enought I think i could explain it to a 5yr old. Every question I had was answered immediately as i thought of it.

  8. Wow, very good explanation of this game. It does seem complicated if trying to read but this makes it so much easier. Can't wait to try it. I'm curious about different playing strategies.

  9. So basically you dont want to move too fast rigth? how you figure out the strategy for moving forwar? like if im the last person behind, i should simply do every dot possible before passing another person.

  10. This game looks awesome! I really love the mechanics of the game and theme. It really gives you that feeling of being on a journey. I like how there is little luck with simple game play, but lying deep beneath lies a very strategic game. I love games that have multiple ways to gain points. Great video!

  11. Man, it is great to go back and see these older videos. I think you've adapted and grown a lot in just 4years, but the older content still really holds up. Haven’t said it in a while, but thanks for what you do, Rodney. Have a great holidays.


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