The World Can Always Use More Drunks | The Overwatch Drinking Game


Welcome to the Overwatch Drinking Game. A list of rules can be found below. If you enjoyed this video please consider liking, commenting or subscribing.

1. Take a shot before beginning
2. Drink every time you die. Drink two times if you die without contributing to an elimination that life. Drink 3 times if you got pushed off the map.
3. Take a shot if you kill yourself
4. Take a shot if your team is wiped
5. Take a shot if your ultimate doesn’t do anything helpful
6. Take a shot if you step off the point during overtime.
7. Drink for the highest medal you received:
-1 Drink for gold
-2 Drinks for silver
-3 Drinks for bronze
8. If you get play of the game, you may assign a shot for someone else to take.
9. If you receive at least 5 votes on your placard at the end of a game, you are immune for post game drinks. This includes being assigned a shot, and drinking for medals.

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  1. this video is fucking amazing dude haha, do you guys stream? if you do hop in my chat sometime and tell me your twitch pls. i wanna watch cause you guys are great lol. twitch:


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