The DREAM Realm – Hollow Knight Ep.6


We enter the dream realm and get the DREAM NAIL weapon
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Outro: Sushi Killer – Zora

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  1. I just hate how you heal right in the face of the enemies and then you complain about not having time to heal. You are an absolute worst actually. Seriously. This is just so pointless complaining.
    You did basically think that you can heal everytime when you want. It does not work like that and it shouldn't.

  2. I’m pretty sure that he’s supposed to go to the city of tears before the crystal peaks so he was like a hole boss fight ahead of where he’s supposed to be

  3. Ok, I know that this vid is super old, but I HAVE to point out that the shell charm is exactly what you're looking for. It shields you while focusing. FOCUSING IS HEALING.

  4. 1:05
    I just realized the fourth pedestal in the background. Could there have been a fourth mantis lord?

  5. Hi there hutts. I know I'm really late watching this game but I only just found it!! It's beautiful and so addictive – easy to chill out to and you're voice is so soothing – really relaxing before bed, helps me sleep. Not that you're boring lol 👍

  6. 34:25 LOL 'Menomenon'

    My mind just instantly goes Menomenon doo dooo doodoodoo, Menomenon doo doodoo doo. Menomenon doo dooo doodoodoo, doodoodoo, doodoodoo, doodoodoodoodoo doo doo doodoo doo.

  7. I definitely think the Mantis Lords are the best boss in the game. They are well designed and just simply fun to fight once you get into a good rhythm like Hutts did.

  8. Interesting piece of trivia: hollow knight (main character), hornet, broken vessel and zote are still kids (in the age of the hollow knight species) food for tought, really.

  9. You simply cannot heal all the time, you need to analyze a boss and learn when to heal and when to strike, I hope you realize this later on and stop calling it unfair or saying the game is bad because of that. Cause all it is is challenging and that's a good thing.

  10. I love how on those type of game, getting a little fragment of a container, so you can take one more hit, or just do one more spell, it always leave such a nice satisfaction to got it.

  11. Was watching some Northern Lion, had to rewatch Hutts series cuz goddamn is it nice to watch someone play who doesn't have a 10 second memory span.

  12. Hmm. I feel that this game is meant to be played quietly. He keeps on making loud remarks. While I understand that he needs to entertain his audience, some things are best done a little more quietly (Cry is a good example)

  13. Mantis Lords boss fight in a nutshell:
    You liked fighting one at a time?
    Fight two for the price of one!
    And little to no time to heal as well!

  14. hutts you forgot the room where a mantis closes the door, there is a very useful charm for your nail . Like so he sees it


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