The Dark Truth About The End In Minecraft


Remember this next time you beat the game, you monster.

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  1. bumblebees are good and are VERY chill, sometimes they let u pick them up or let u pet them (i have pet a wild one before) its honey bees that are more likely to sting u

  2. purpur can be made out of chorus fruit tho all you have to do is smelt the chorus fruit and you get popped chorus fruit then craft that into purpur blocks

  3. Wandering traders were made after the city's
    Which means that the stuff was from the ancient builders did it :/

  4. What if
    The villagers are descendants of pigmen and you are the last human after a long and bloodied war on two fronts. In the end and in the over world? And the end of the game is the final clash between two of the last species

  5. The egg isn’t useless u can use it to resurrect the dragon by keeping it on the pedestal and putting four of the end crystals around the bedrock outer in the center of the map

  6. According to Matt Pat’s theory the end city loot was actually brought there by the ender men who used to be normal humans that journeyed to the end to escape the wither.

  7. So…. the wandering traders, the people i kill one might say with psychopatic consistency and then collect their llamas in a grusome display that a call the farm of infinite pleasure… are supposedly bad ass veterans? Lol

  8. Bruhhh…… the dragon is literally code bud. I'm not a maniac because I killed some 1's and 0's

    Also if those were actually dragon heads wouldn't they have decomposed?

  9. I think that the wandering villagers owned all this stuff and conquered the end cities without dying and all the structures like jungle temples. They wanted to rest and leave there empire standing by creating traps we see in the jungle and desert Temples to hope no one reaches there power. The villagers created shulkers to scare out any trespassers and anyone who could threaten there power

  10. you know you can respawn the dragon and then with four end crystals and then jump in the portal before it responds so it doesn't kill you

  11. I just came here from mat pats game theory and now I think it’s not the wandering trader that killed the dragons
    So going off of mat pats theory
    Before the ancient race of builders arrived to the end the end was populated with ended dragons everywhere then the builders trying to escape the wither arrive the dragons attack the builders to protect their egg. The builders decide to fight back and kill them by the millions then they make end cities and decide to kill the last dragon. ( I’m assuming the main island you spawn in is like the magical equivalent of a hospital) but the dragon uses the end crystals to her advantage and kills every last builder except for you!

    (Sorry about improper sentence formation I was trynna be quick with this)

  12. Considering that phantom membranes can be used to repair elytra and phantoms are nightmares does that mean that the end is the land of dementia and nightmares

  13. Orrrr…. the wandering traders built these end cities long ago and had portals to and from the overworld, lived there but were wiped out by an infestation of shulkers who also wiped out the portals!

  14. This video barely tells you about the history/lore of the most mysterious dimension in Minecraft. It's mostly just talking about how players are 'evil' and 'maniacs'. You never mentioned endermans, which are a HUGE part of the end. You never mentioned the 'Free The End' achievement at the end of the game.


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