Takenoko – How To Play (feat. Collector's Edition)


Watch It Played is a series designed to teach and play games. In this episode we will learn how to play Takenoko.

Find the FAQ for Takenoko here:

00:00 – Introduction And Objective
02:21 – Setup
04:02 – Gameplay Objective
04:45 – The Turn
05:06 – Perform Actions and Complete Objectives Step
05:11 – Performing Actions
05:45 – The Plots Action
07:33 – The Watershed Improvement
07:51 – Irrigation Channels Action
09:56 – The Fertilizer Improvement
10:12 – The Gardener Action
12:00 – The Panda Action
13:01 – The Objectives Action
13:43 – The Three Objective Types
15:39 – Additional Objective Rules
16:13 – Determining The Weather
17:04 – Weather: The Sun
17:27 – Weather: Rain
17:44 – Weather: Wind
17:54 – Weather: Storm
18:21 – Weather: Clouds
18:47 – General Improvement Rules
19:46 – The Enclosure Improvement
20:07 – Special Improvement Trick
20:50 – Weather: Question Mark
21:00 – Ending The Game
22:05 – Breaking Ties
22:24 – Advanced Player Rule
23:12 – Extra Rules
23:55 – Conclusion

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  1. Great work as usual Rodney! Found it a bit confusing when the yellow bamboo migrated to a non-irrigated tile at 18:01 though 🙂

  2. how can someone (and here 19!?) not like such a great how-to-play video.. planning to play takenoko on BGA soon, that's why I stumbled across this video! great explanation as usual, rodney! I wished you'd do more how to play videos, not a lot of good ones out there sadly..

  3. I didn't understood… If you have a card that it's already done… Why would I change it?? If is done… More points to meee

  4. Damn this die is just way too big. Whatever. I always come back to your channel, cause it's joy to follow your great explanations.

  5. I don’t understand the ending. Say it’s a game between A and B. A is taller so has gone first, B gets to 9 first so takes the emperor card. Does the turn they took the card between become the last round? Would A take a final turn, or would A take their last turn and then B takes their last turn?

  6. Takes Rodney more than 20 minutes to explain this, and he's the Pro! My friend wants me to explain how to play…but doesn't want to watch a video, read the rules, or listen to more than 90 seconds of directions!

  7. This is brilliantly explanatory. Thank you! I have bought Takenoko for myself and my teenagers to play on Christmas Eve and wanted to get familiar with it so we can get right on with playing. This gives me everything I need to know right here and is much appreciated.

  8. This was the second game I bought, after Pandemic. Just rewatching because we got the game out after having not played it in quite some time. I wonder if you still have either edition, and if you or the kids (not kids anymore!) ever play it these days? 🙂

  9. Hey I know this games been out for years and I just bought it but one thing is unclear in rules for tiles. If someone at the table plays a tile that happens to complete one of my objectives that they cannot not complete on their turn but I can on my turn am I able to do that. It's kinda unclear I rules.

  10. your production quality has a come a long way since this (just picked it up) but love that your enthusiasm has remained strong 🙂

  11. Thank you for your phenomenal game overview. This is the first channel I come to for all the how to play videos.

  12. Hi, i have a question on the last player moves – do the players end in equal number of turns, that is, if player 1 finishes first, everybody gets one final turn, and if player 2 finishes first, only players 3 and 4 get a final turn? Or everybody gets one last, regardless of the turn order? Thank you!

  13. I have a question: (sorry for my english) If I had 2 same objectif in my hand (example 2 yellow bambou) do I need only 2 yellow bambou and my 2 cards are done? Thank you!

  14. Beautifully explained!.. This is the default channel I go to for learning a board game!… Brilliant Work!

  15. Thank you so much for your videos! ♡ If I don't understand rules in a game, I always come look your videos and it helps a lot! 😉 I got the Takenoko game myself recently, and I have a question about the weather conditions: when you throw a wind, do you only do two same actions? In other weather conditions, you throw a die and after that you do two normal actions. Do you do a third action after the wind action's two same actions? I'm sorry if the question is confusing 🙂 You're awesome, keep up the good work and greetings from Finland 🙂

  16. Well done Rod! Long time viewer, first time commenter here. Clear and logically structured, flawlessly edited and filmed for maximum clarity and instructional flow as always. There are already more than enough game review vids on other channels, but you've made the underserved "learn to actually play a boardgame" niche your own. Just a reminder that a lot of us notice the pro level of effort you guys put into these! Much appreciated buddy!

  17. Page 5- plots – draw 3 tiles choose 1 and place the remaining 2 back on top of the deck….not bottom. Thats how I understood it.

  18. First of all i wanna say thx for a great video! the second is my question when you choose to do the panda action, do you have to move him to anothet tile or can you choose to stay and eat 1 piece on the same tile ??

  19. If you roll the lightening on the weather die and scare the panda to a new tile, can you move the panda again for one of your two moves?Thanks for the video!

  20. Hi there… I´m from Brazil and I don´t buy any game before "whatch it played" here … sorry for my english… tks a lot….

  21. Thank you for doing such a good job! My wife and I wouldn't have such a diverse and incredibly entertaining shelf of board games if it wasn't for all of your hard work. Thank you again so much!

  22. Hi. When showing improvement play, you move the panda to a terrain. Then remove an bamboo. Placing the improvement, in this case the double growth. Then you say that if this is the first time irrigated you get 2 bamboo. This is not the first time, since you ate an bamboo, so you wouldn't really get thoose 2 bamboo pieces?

  23. It's not mentioned in the video but this is one of the best two player games out there. WHICH IS EXTREMELY RARE. Its also very girlfriend friendly. We play it a lot and can get through a game in about 30 mins.

  24. Question:
    When the thunderstorm scares the panda, can you move it to the same tile it's already on? The rule book says, "Move the panda to any tile."

    I've house-ruled that the Rain symbol on the weather dice will grow 1 stalk of bamboo (or 2 if it's fertilized) no mater if it's irrigated or not. The water is coming from the sky, not the pond. It also lets player choose any tile to grow, which is helpful in speeding up the game a little bit.

  25. I know it wasn't your choice to use the Collector's Edition but the person who designed the game went way overboard with the sizing of the piece. Who has a table big enough to play with those pieces? They are about 4 times larger than the original. If they had been twice as large I can see where that might be cool but these are just too big. IMO


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