Swurfer Surfboard Swing


Surfboard-inspired tree swing.

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Hang out in a tree and swing through the air on a handcrafted Swurfer, a swing inspired by board sports.

With wooden handles and a curved maple board, it’s a joy to stand or sit on as you swing back and forth, carve ovals in the air, or try more advanced maneuvers!

Made in the USA, the board’s UV and water-resistant finish will last for years and the included high-strength ropes will get you swurfin’ in no time! Swurf’s up!


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  1. Nobody talkin bout how this is completely overpriced for somthing you could make out a a skate board parichord and a drill. Kinda c r i n g e vat19

  2. Don’t shoot the messenger! Vat19 doesn’t make these products, they only sell them. I would buy it if we had something other than palm trees in our backyard…

  3. What if happen you put the swing or swurfe to closer to the pool and swinging in the pool and make splash.


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