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  1. Sweat, I’ve been seeing people much like yourself with an extremely high season pass level, and I’m
    only on level 7. Do you have any tips to efficiently farm experience to level up fast?

  2. How the duck are you gonna go around and call people a piece of trash for doing this when YOU yourself is doing the EXACT same thing lmfaooo. Of course not counting the coil glitch, core, and engram exploits back in forsaken to help you get wf in lw 😂😂

  3. A failed run of a forge takes about 2 minutes (excluding the time it takes to load in) less than zydron takes, don't blame people for bungies grindy reward system. For those that still have other responsibilities and jobs to go to its a great way to play without playing. Better than squeezing 2 – 3 hours of desperately speed running playlist activities after a full day's shift.

  4. laying in bed watching this vid while afk farming i’m sorry sweat

    to be fair i’m 1052 base i just want god roll guns

  5. God, your opinions on PvP are so insane. "Controllers are so much better than M&K, Nerf weapon flinch (buff snipers)", like, for real? Are you being serious? That's so painfully out of touch with what actually goes on at the highest level of skill it's almost laughable. Yes, Aim Assist makes aiming easier, but at the cost of how much freedom M&K gives you, it's not even a contest. Some people (like Drewsky) have decided that the things they can do on M&K as opposed to controller are worth giving up to not have to aim as much, but people who aren't at that tier of skill, I have no idea why you'd think controller is more powerful than M&K.

  6. Just run zydron lmao it’s faster
    pulls up with max light mountain top, 1k voices, godrolled armor, and 2 other fiends with the same

  7. Bruh this stream was annoying he gets pissed because they are actually being hypocritical about bounty farming I get there both 200% different but still an Xp farm they should just accept being hypocritical

  8. Fun fact for Umbrals: If you don't focus them you have a decently high chance of getting exotic armor pieces. Out of the 40 or so I've gotten, 3 of them were exotics, and I got a 30 Discipline Lucky Raspberry on one of them.


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