Solution to the Grandfather Paradox


What if you went back in time and killed your own grandfather? Would you still be born? Or would you have thus killed yourself? Thanks to Google #sciencegoals for sponsoring this video!

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If you could travel back in time, and you killed your grandfather, would you be killing your future self? What do physics, complexity theory, and computer science have to say about this famous murderous time-travel paradox?

Scott Aaronson Notes that discuss time travel and computation, computational complexity, closed timelike curves, and the grandfather paradox:

Technical paper that discusses the same thing:

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  1. If DARK brought you here

    To understand dark you need to come out of the time lines and focus on something else

  2. Imagine you go past Have Sex with a woman and Your Father's born
    So you are your own GrandFather

  3. I think that as soon as he kill the grandpa,the boy and other which shouldn't exist should disappear,the memory, life ,and everything…nature wants to follow the rule

  4. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction
    So if you kill your grandfather
    U kill your self

    So don't kill anyone!!!!!

  5. So we're gonna ignore the fact that he said you killed your grandfather so both your mother and father wasn't born😂. Sweet sweet America

  6. I don't think multiple timelines really exist. While it's fun to think about it just doesn't click with me. Personally, I think Time Travelling to the Past or Future is like activating Spectator Mode. You can't do anything to anyone because you cannot be seen, smelled, heard or touched. You can, however, hear and see and maybe even smell but you can't physically interact. Oh and I also believe when you do time travel the present stops moving altogether.

  7. I think that you existing in the present and you went back in time to kill your grandfather means that your present self's grand father actually did seemingly die because of you in the past but your grand father either 1)Didnt actually die 2)got revived/cloned 3)had his umm… "Stuff" stored by your grandmother for your grandmother to umm… "Fertilize" herself

  8. so here is the solution
    when you go back in time
    protect your grandfather
    and if you fail
    don't travel back to present
    and live a vintage life


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