Snoop Dogg exclusive (1994) before his Murder Trial by filmmaker Keith O'Derek


Straight from the streets movie –
Snoop Dogg grants an exclusive interview as he faced the trial of his life decades ago. He granted Straight from the streets this very exclusive interview in 1994 before his fight for freedom. Only a few people were willing to go on camera to speak on his behalf. It is great to know that Snoop Dogg has delivered on his promises to help the people from Long Beach, CA. I’m glad to say he is a man of his word! Straight from the streets is considered one of the best shows to produce positive stories about the urban community.
It’s also a blessing that radio personality Kevin “Slow Jammin” James is back on the air, on Snoop Dogg’s radio station – on Cadillacc Music from 5pm – 10pm (Monday – Friday). Please Subscribe to this Channel, Click Like and feel free to share. Love!


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  1. Wait..what?..this was a FOX NEWS story ?
    Holy shit…you mean to tell me fox news wasn't ALWAYS a bunch of racist assholes ????
    Question:..What happened Fox News? Why have you become such a den of hateful vipers??
    Answer:..Fox news is now the "media wing" of the republican party.

  2. It’s so weird watching this how they talking bout he’s an up coming rapper😂and now he’s like the one of the biggest to have ever done it in the game, damn I wish I lived in the 90s🥺

  3. I already subscribed to your channel and liked the video will you please subscribe back will be greatly appreciated


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