Smash Bros Ultimate, but explained with food


Smash Bros Ultimate, but explained with food | DougDoug
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Finally, a comprehensive review that compares Smash Ultimate characters to a chicken for some reason. This is my experiment with reviewing a single game (rather than comparing 2 games), not sure how well it turned out though


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Doug is a sentient bell pepper who was hired by the FBI to crack gaming challenges and talk about things with food

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  1. My combo for Kirby is hammer if they aren’t ko I use spam the suck move and here is the other one suck jump off the stage spit them out

  2. All my friends only want to cook on a normal stove with no barbecue sauce only chicken choices and spices/salts/herbs

  3. I just realized how cool it would’ve been if instead of link having a regular block, they should’ve given him d’arums protection as a reskin

  4. I'd love to see how you could explain dnd with food. "Fighters are like an egg. you can do so much with it, but most people only do scrambled, so everyone thinks that that's all you are allowed to do. When in reality there is many more possibilities with eggs."

  5. i like to play as sonic, quick attacking gameplay, like he is a hot dog, a meat that you can eat really fast, but it still has that spicy taste of mustard. Sonic's spicy taste comes from his busting into enemies with spin dash. that warm sosauge comes from his jumping, running and homing attacks at the enemies. so… i like hot dogs 😀 but there is one bad thing about him… his costumes, it's like. You know hotdogs, you have that bready colored bun, light brows sausauge, yellow mustard and red ketchup. a lot of hot dogs look bassicaly the same. and there is some of them that are diffrient. liiiiiike…… hotdog that is in baguette, its looking diffrient that your normal hotdog from gas stacion, its crispy, its bun is a bit darker in color. but i want to try something new. i want to sakurai to add red sonic costume, or maybe green sonic. i want to try hotdog with garlic bread!


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