Seaport: Tavern and captains and why I am on the fence with using them


Some napkin math:
If the average size of a fleet is 35 cargo (mine is 975/27 = 35.7ish)
using captains to collect at Level 7 Riviera at a x287 bonus.

An average trip to Riviera earned would normally be 10,045 coins profit. (35*287)
With Kyle Crunch, an average trip to Riviera would be 21,525 coins, minus the 3,000 coins cost for Kyle Crunch makes it 18,525. Meaning you get 86% of the coins that exists at Riviera compared to before. (In other words Kyle Crunch made off with 14% tax on the coins!)

This is normally great! However the Crew cost goes up that is the concern. If your fleet all have high crew capability on them, captains are a plus. If the fleet is not the best in terms of crew capability, then captains will siphon some of the gold away from the port destination.

Other Note:
Using Kyle Crunch cost 3000 coins per use (45000/15) or 75 coins per slot (3000coins/40cargospace). Hence collecting coins at a port below 75 multiplier is going to lose you coins from hiring him!


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  1. Omg .. 2 minutes and you keep talking trash and keeps repeating .. i want the information about captains not about collecting fishes or that on your level you dont know how warehouse look

  2. Hi! I started playing recently and found your video. As I can see, you are concerned about the limits of gold in the mentioned destinations. But in Seaport Wiki (in particular, the page you opened during the vieo) it says: "Whenever you reach the currently max. available level, the material required to level up will be shown as "infinite" instead of the figure you can see here – this will change when a new level gets added in the future." – so in this case it is really worth hiring those captains, isn't it?

  3. Hey noodleh, give us a video about the christmas event. I am longing for your advices and opinions. Do not forget to compare the new destinations' market trades (wooden pony & christmas tree) with the usual destination of the normal game and which is the best one to use. Like you did with the pepper challenge and such. I love your videos and can't wait to see them 😉

  4. i see you have a lot of jewels do you not upgrade the ships that can go to 7 stars or is it not worth it ,or are you saving them for something


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