Sake Straw Drinking Game


On today’s challenge Nando, Sean & Chuck take on the Sake Straw Drinking Game!

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  1. Straw chug challenge: take two 40’s and a bendy straw per person. Bend the straw and put it in the bottle with the shorter part over the rim of the bottle and turn up the bottle and chug! First to finish both wins! The straw allows the air to escape quickly, allowing you to chug faster. Enjoy! I’ve done this with ease but I’ve not met anyone who can out chug me or consume more alcohol. Wish I lived closer I’d love to be part of this channel. But I’ll continue to watch and support.

  2. I love sake.

    Straw challenge idea: Suck peanut butter mixed with Jack Daniels through it. Thick and delicious. That's what she said. 😉

  3. Also someone mentioned this in the comments, the "YEAH" Matt made sounded exactly like Timberland's (i think its his voice) bit in Sexy Back.

  4. You could do a good timed challenge with this method and say 3 of those drinks in test tubes, dunno whether it should be done in 1 or 2 minutes, 3 might be too easy!

  5. Im always willing to watch just 20+ minutes of bullshit from yall because you guys just going off on a whole tangent feels like my friends and i doin the same shit and i just wanna be there with yall haha, i gotta set my Patreon up one day lol

  6. Can someone please explain the horror in their reaction when they found out it was sake? Still young at 17 here but have been watching WE since 2013


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