Pretty Pink Victorian || The Sims 4 Strangerville: Speed build


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Hi guys! Today I am sharing a Victorian style home for the world of Strangerville! It has two bedrooms and three bathrooms. I hope you enjoy, thanks for watching!

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How is your game so bright?
– I use a re-shade preset by @Harrie

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  1. I feel like this could be the home of Miss Liz's (may she rest in peace) slightly more serious and sinister sister 🙈

  2. I'm foreign, but i love the way you say "pink" in whatever accent it is you have! Maybe its just a standard american accent, i don't know, but it's very satisfying to me.

  3. You shoukd make a build were theres a teen or young adult whos parents died in a strangerville science accident but the large house is really empty with many extra rooms cuz the parents wanted lots of kids and the teen/young adult opens a bourding house type thing, kinda like in that webtoon comic… Eggnoid?

  4. Google maps/earth doesn't update satellite images as frequently as it used to so you have a pretty good chance of being able to find the house even if you lived there 10 years ago. you'd still need at least part of the street name though. but a combo of that and the city name should be enough for you to find the street and play around in the street view until you find the house

  5. I feel like this lady is in her mid-fifties. I’d imagine she wasn’t the best mother to her daughter because she was always focused on her job and was pretty paranoid about “the enemy” since she’s in the army. But now her daughter has kids and she’s trying to turn over a new leaf and be the best grandmother she can to her daughter’s toddlers.

    Also she should TOTALLY have a mean looking German Shepard who’s an army dog (but a total sweetie) and little brat of a white fluffy cat who likes jumping on all the furniture.

  6. I have a Sim for this and she would fit your story and the house perfectly went I get the new pack!!!! I am so Excited!!!!!!!!!

  7. This house is sooooooo pretty..i don't mind to live in this kind of house although i'm still 28 yo 😁😁..btw,greetings from Indonesia,i really like your build and enjoy it a lot..👍👍

  8. I’m kinda disappointed, as you’re someone that build your career on the sims, I find it a bit sad, that you haven’t adressed DylanSimz’ alligations, and ea turning a blind eye.
    I do understand that you, like many others, want to stay out of drama, but as everyone is standing up for young girls being sexually targeted online, we need to show support for young boys too, and even though our sims community online is quite drama free, we need to make a stand about this, cause it’s not ok.

  9. Not sure if anyone has said this already, but how about the grandmother owns the house, she falls ill to the mysterious sickness in the town and her daughter (or granddaughter) who's in the military has to move back to take care of her (and find the cure)?

  10. I have a suggestion for a video and my idea is remodel the science lab for the science work lab with the new items from Strangville!

  11. I LOVE this house! I love all your builds anyway you are so talented! The only things that bugs me a little bit on this beautiful pink victorian house is how the roof create a hole, I feel like the water from the rain would stay there and create a pool. Thats always a challenge when I build x)

  12. Maybe do a "bros" apartment? like two dudes from college decided to room together after graduation. I assume it would be a pretty messy apartment!

  13. How about a really run down TLC apartement for someone poor trying to make it inthe city? Maybe someone wanting to make it in fashion or online if you’re working on that district?

    Love the house btw ❤️😃


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