PRETTY PINK APARTMENT 💕 | The Sims 4 | Apartment Renovation Speed Build


Today we’re decorating a small, cute and pink apartment for a small family of three!

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I hope you like the video and I will see you all in the next one!

♡ Pretty Pink Apartment
♡ 2 bedrooms (3 sims), 1 bathroom
♡ §65,177
♡ Built in 19 Culpepper House, Spice District, San Myshuno

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♡ Origin ID: AvelineYT
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♡ All my creations can be found on the gallery under #Aveline

♡ I will not upload my CC folder

♡ Intro commissioned by MsGryphi

♡ Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:


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  1. Oo great build I'd lovee to see a simself with facecam this apartments is so adorable and I really like that you went for warmer coulors instead😁💞
    I think my gallery is ok I hope so 😂😂

  2. This is such a cute build! I've never done a super pink decorating scheme, but this build inspires me to give it a try! Great job!

  3. This is awesome! You managed to make it very pink without it being overly sickening. You have a good eye for colors

  4. can you do an apartment for a large family of 8? it’s super hard to find one big enough to fit this many sims!💕

  5. i was having problems with the gallery too until i updated UI cheats extension! i’m so happy the gallery works now! 😊💗 also this apartment is super pretty & i have most of the things you used in this build!💕

  6. This apaerment build inspire me to decorate my sim’s apartment! I love the vibes and everything. So cozy <3

  7. If you have the UI cheats extension mod installed, thats whats causing the problem. I also had that problem and when I updated the UI cheat mod the problem dissapeard 😊 A new update for the UI cheats was realese after the patch 😊 Hope this helps! Beautiful build btw! 😄

  8. This apartment is stunning! I think my favorite part of the whole thing is probably the balcony! Ooooh I'd LOVE to see you do face cam on a Sim Self video!

  9. i wish you'd rebuild the whole sims 4 lmao your builds are sooo amazing i'm bingewatching all of your speedbuilds!! i love love love your color schemes they're all soo warm n homey and welcoming

  10. It is a very pink build but I think it works well! It's not overly pink, there is a lot of variety. Adorable home!!

  11. the peach and beige colour combo makes this apartment so calming. great build <3

    on another note, I really wish we would get a different variant of the single peach curtains you used in a different size, because the one we got is just too wide for alot of houses

  12. I love this, I pictured the mom having complete control when it came to decorating which is why there's so much pink. She even went so far as to dress up their daughter in it so the daughter grows up to passionately hate the color lol.

  13. Yesss, please do the making your simself with facecam! It’s not off-brand! This is your channel to do whatever you want with girl, and I know lots of viewers would love that vid 💖

  14. Love this sm! The on,y problem is that I’ve seen so many apartment s in 19 culpepper, and I wanna place all of them but I can’t ahh

  15. Wow it's beautiful! But… it's not suprising that it looks amazing, ALL your builds do. ♡
    Btw. Pink is my favourite colour so this is perfekt for me.♡

  16. OMG!!! this apartment has my name ALL OVER it! This would definitely be my dream apartment if I lived on my own😭😭😭💜💜💜💜💜💜

  17. i love the build it's so girly and pretty!! i also have a question, what do you do while you build, like do you listen to music or just build or what because whenever i try to just sit down and build without music or a podcast i get so bored but i love building idk

  18. I was crying with you when I saw your tweet about the Disney princess that would have gone up today. 😭 Hopefully they fix the gallery glitches very soon.
    I love the color scheme of this apartment. I'm not usually a massive fan of a super pink decoration style, but yours looks classy with all the peach and pink together. 💜
    Edit: yes please to a facecam simself! I love that idea.


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