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Poptropica was (is) an online flash game developed by Pearson and Creatively headed by Jeff Kinney. Let’s take a look at the game in 2019, and how its doing!

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  1. You don't have to control City folk with the pointer. Plug in a nunchuk and control with three stick. City folk was my first ac game and I spent many hours playing it, although I probably spent much more time playing new leaf

  2. I actually have memories of playing Poptropica when it only had one island, Early Poptropica! there was no balloon, and was light on replayability. I was in shock when Shark Tooth Island was added, and then it went from there!

  3. Logged back in today to my old account which is somehow still undeleted and they made Early Poptropica members only!? Come on I just wanted to go on a trip down memory lane how could they

  4. I’m still kinda upset that I had a bunch of OG items but they’re gone from my inventory. Also I am stuck with a randomized name that I don’t like which you can change now

  5. I remember playing this game a lot when I was in middle school. It was the only fun game we could play on the school computers. We use to have a separate page open just to click it before the teacher saw us playing games. It was the coolest game until we found Cool Math 😂

  6. My favs were Arabian Nights, Astro Nights, Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin, Pelican Rock, Poptropicon, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Big Nate, and Galactic Hotdogs

  7. Back in elementary school, everyone was playing this game when we got to use the computers (usually after any work we got to do on them). Unfortunately we never got to do anything because by the time we found the area we wanted to play in, we'd have to get off for the next class assignments. This was also, unfortunately, back when I was being harassed by teachers and students alike simply because I had an IEP. Thank god I graduated.

  8. Does anyone remember that weird time where there was a weird partnership or something with a book publisher and there was a ‘Red Dragon’ island based off of that one Magic Tree House books where you trained to be a ninja?

  9. Straight up, best island was the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Island cause I got to interact with my favorite characters from the novels.

  10. Remember when there were the quiz questions you could answer on the “home” page and you could access everything from that page?

  11. Guys remember before they started making you pay a membership to play islands? Me coming back to an island I didn’t finish and I have the items but NO I have to play now😂

  12. The last island I played was Superhero Island. At the time, Cryptid Island wasn't released yet, and I wanted to play it. It wasn't until late 2019 that I wanted to revisit the game, and try Cryptid Island, but it wasn't available. Damn I really wanted to hunt Bigfoot.

  13. The only islands I ever played were superhero, space knights, the evil rabbit one, mythology, and sharkfin island. I only completed the sharkfin and rabbit islands, tho.

  14. My favorite island had to be the prison one, I just farmed sticks of gum because I didn't figure out how to progress the island until much later. Also, Realms was THE best part IMO

  15. the old islands used to be so challenging especially also with the click-point controls, too bad they had to go 🙁

  16. I’m so mad my account I still had from elementary, I went on like a month ago and all the this or that questions that would show up on my profile are gone. And some of the cool islands and everything was changed. Like WHYYY

  17. I played it since I was in elementary school it was one of the website that wasn't blocked. It was super fun, I do miss when they had a bunch of outfits in the store, they don't have them anymore😭

  18. I remember playing it, not knowing how to play it other than make a character, and distinctly remember wishing I could hook up with the girls because I’VE ALWAYS BEEN A HOPELESS ROMANTIC.

  19. I recently checked in the game after so long but they didn’t have all the old og islands like the Mythology island🥺

  20. Super Power Island is frustrating. Sure, I could get past most of them…except for Betty Jetty and Ratman. Getting close to Ratman results in you getting stung by the bugs surrounding him, the Hot Dog does nothing no matter where you are, and since no flight items like the jet pack are allowed to be used in the area where Betty Jetty is there’s no way to catch her. I’m still stumped at what you’re supposed to do…

  21. Please look at Realm of the Mad God, its an amazing old flash game that ive spent almost my whole life playing


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