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Hey everyone, I’m starting a new Poptropica series where I play through all the islands in order to become “Captain Thinknoodles” — the ultimate citizen of Poptropica.. with full audio commentary!

In other words, a Poptropican who has completed all of the islands. I am borrowing the concept from some of my favorite Call Of Duty commentators and their “Road to Commander” series that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

I’m not sure how this will turn out, but I might as well give it a shot since I need to play through each one and make walkthroughs for Poptropica Cheatz… You guys may as well enjoy my ramblings, thoughts, and frustration with Poptropica when I can’t figure out what to do or just can’t quite make that tough jump!

Here’s the third episode with the newest Poptropica Island at the time — Poptropolis Games


Music Provided by Approaching Nirvana & Machinima Sound

Nguồn: https://ksvet.net/

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  1. im watching this in 2017 and im realizing how old this game is because i used to fail miserably at the pole vault and still managed to get first place but good video man

  2. Here's a tip for the hurdles, put your curser above your head so you jump higher and make it over every single thing.

  3. think when you do shot put try to put every thing lined up on the green thing so you will throw the shot put ball to 133 meters away


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