Poptropica: Road to "Captain Thinknoodles" – Game Show Live Stream Replay


Well, I have all the medals, but I’m still missing some photos… Come join me live while I grab the photos for Game Show and we can hang out in the common room and stuff!

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Hey everyone, welcome to my Poptropica series where I play through all the islands in order to become “Captain Thinknoodles” — the ultimate citizen of Poptropica.. with full audio commentary!

In other words, a Poptropican who has completed all of the islands. I am borrowing the concept from some of my favorite Call Of Duty commentators and their “Road to Commander” series that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

You guys may as well enjoy my ramblings, thoughts, and frustration with Poptropica when I can’t figure out what to do or just can’t quite make that tough jump!

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  1. Game show Island is an allegory for the oppression against African Americans right before and during the Reconstruction era in American history.

  2. When I first saw this I was 7 years old. I have been at his channel since he started the first map. This has always been fun to arch and I wish he would do more. It saddens me that poptropica stoped making maps and I think they should.

  3. The game show hosts are probably the nicest robots. If it were as segregated as they say, you shouldn’t have been able to play the game.


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