Playing Cards Drinking Game


Another challenge is here! This time Matt Zion, Nando & Chuck Roland attempt the Playing Cards Drinking Game!

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  1. Glad to see Matt pouring himself ACTUAL shot. Chuck was being a pussy and pouring like 3 drops in his when nobody was paying attention.

  2. 3:15–3:21 That made me fcking choke on my beer, god damn XD
    edit: on "Scrappy Dabby Doo" I choked on my beer again. But that was different.

  3. "Count down to make your play. Agree on a cue that you’ll use to match shapes with your opponent. In the majority of games, the players throw their shape on the count of three (sometimes counted off by reciting each word of the game’s title). You can also count down by saying “Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!” On the word “shoot,” both players reveal the object they chose." Just sayin

  4. so what did you visit the Island of Oahu for? @wrecklessEating ?and you was shopping on the Luxury 2nd floor!! damn how much you making on here!?!?!?

  5. I think it should of been. High card shoot out between 3 ppl . Or like a card shark higher or lower call it kinda thing get it wrong do the shots get it right pass

  6. I feel kinda bad for this channel, at one point in time they were collabing with matt stonie and had a similar following, now you guys are probably LOSING money on the time it takes to edit your videos and the minimal revenue you have coming back.

    i hate seeing channels die and suffer like this on youtube but it is what it is i get. Sometimes you just have to get lucky, here's to hoping you guys make a comeback, ya'll good dudes.


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