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The Cricket pipe buggy transports tubes weighing up to 900 lbs (450 kg) and a length of up to 6.1 m. Thanks to the lever action, little force is required to lift the pipes. Cricket is ideal for material transport on construction sites and is delivered directly with ratchet strap and non-puncture-resistant tires. Simple and comfortable to handle and with a weight of only 70 lbs (36 kg) is this pipe transport car indispensable.

Technical Details:

• Max. load: 450 kg
• Max. pipe length: 6,1 m
• Max. pipe diameter: 300 mm
• Weight: 36 kg

DWT Pipe Tools Website:
YouTube Channel:

DWT GmbH is a family owned 29 year old company located in the industrial heart of Germany. We are specialized in pipe bevel machines, pipe cold cut machines and accessories for welded pipes in pipe welding operations. With sales offices and distributors all around the world we support our customers in various market segments, like oil & gas, shipbuilding, boiler manufacturing industry and power station service. The German boiler manufacturer BABCOCK has developed the pipe bevel machine for heavy wall pipe with “know-how” of their own workers on-site. The product range is ergonomically designed, has a low weight due to aluminum alloy construction, has a big range and can be used for many special operations with an outstanding performance. DWT GmbH in Bottrop, Germany is the license maker of this product range worldwide.

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