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This is a video that I made. In it, a pony wears a hat. I think that’s about the best description I could give you.

I decided to work on this while I was building an Applejack character rig in Anime Studio Pro for personal education/fun. I figured I’d actually use it for something by filling the gap in Rhythm Heaven pony parody content left behind when MysteryBen27 decided not to do any more of these videos. In other words, I’ve been working on this for way longer than I have any right to.

Play the game version here:
Or here:

Here is the Audacity project for the audio:
Now you can go ahead and do whatever it is you do with source audio.

And now all of the Anime Studio Pro 8 projects as well. So there’s that, too.

Additionally, somebody apparently converted one of my Anime Studio Files to Flash. I unfortunately can’t use it because I only have Flash 8, but it may be of interest.

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Figure Fighter
from the game Rhythm Heaven Fever
© 2011-2012 Nintendo. © 2011-2012 Tsunku♂. Codeveloped by TNX. Rhythm Heaven and Wii are trademarks of Nintendo. © 2012 Nintendo.

– – – – – – – – – –

Sound effects:

Voice clips “One”, “Two”, “Jab” and “Go go go” are from various episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic — © 2010-2012 Hasbro Studio. All Rights Reserved. Hasbro Studios is the author of this work for the purposes of Article 15 (2) of the Berne Convention and all national laws giving effect thereto. Country of first publication – United States of America.

Crowd, Chant, Ole, Dry Center Sound Effect — from Pro Sound Effects Suite 8 – Sports 2 — © 2010 Pro Sound Effects Suite

rocketexpl.wav by nthompson — from — Creative Commons Sampling+

indiana-jones-style-punch.wav by thebondman — from — Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Clap_ses2.wav by freesound — from — Public Domain

punching_bag.flac by qubodup — from — Public Domain

swosh_03.flac by qubodup — from — Public Domain

swosh_40.flac by qubodup — from — Public Domain

Punch_1-2.wav by — from — Public Domain

– – – – – – – – – –

Special thanks to Ponygoons members anniie, Chunky, fenster, and Geomancing for helping me find the Rainbow Dash voice clips I needed to finish this damn thing already. I mean it’s going on four months now. God damn.


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  1. All of us need a distraction now and then. For some, it's drowning in a bottle. For others, there's short videos such as this. I prefer this.

  2. I remember Until some time ago Playing this game a lot with my BFF who was a Brony 💗
    We Got kinda competitive XD

  3. Where the rhythm heaven fever bootleg’s muscle doll sounds came from. JAB! ONE TWO! ONETWO! GO GO GO!!!


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