Most OP Champions with the NEW WIT'S END rework


These champions are great with the Wit’s End! Any you think I missed?
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Most OP Champions with the NEW WIT’S END rework


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  1. I tested it on Ashe & it’s amazing for the on hit build: BORK runaans rageblade cleaver wits end. The purpose for the on hit build is not for synergy with any of her abilities, but more for higher DPS as BORK rageblade alone puts in some insane damage. This will let u keep up in damage against those well known high damage late game ADCs like Kai’Sa & Vayne

  2. So imagine a Conqueror Shyvana with red smite,last stand,bloodrazor and wit's end in a 1v1 or even a 1v2 in dragon form.God damn.

  3. Where the fuck is Voli on it? I disagree with Yasuo being here. It's a good sustain lane item, but Yasuo needs AD items, for his crit to be more effective.

  4. * MELEE *
    1:02 Master Yi
    1:38 Irelia
    2:11 Jax
    5:30 Xin Zhao
    5:55 Udyr
    6:27 Warwick
    6:48 Yasuo
    7:16 Shyvana
    7:49 Nocturne
    8:05 Olaf
    8:22 Shen
    8:35 Tryndamere

    * RANGED *
    2:48 Kayle
    3:15 Neeko
    3:50 Varus
    4:25 Kog Maw
    5:00 Vayne
    8:52 Gnar
    9:21 Teemo
    9:39 Kalista
    10:02 Kaisa
    10:24 Ashe
    10:43 Kindred

  5. I'm curious guys. Can the new wits end work on Camille? And if so, should it replace a core item like her hydra or steraks? Or should it replace something like visage on her?

  6. Remember Phy, Wits end damage ramps up between lvl 9-14. That's why its not good at as first item, but really good as second or third item.

  7. I don't think this item is really that good for the range carries because it loses the mr shred which basically made ur ap teammates deal way more dmg.
    For melee it is quite good I think.

  8. I can't beleive they NERFED JINX without anouncing it. Base attacj speed .71 to .69 saaaaad. 6 of wit's end was supposed to give 6.+ attack speed but then it turned 4.+


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