Monaco Cocktail Drinking Game


On today’s challenge the WE crew takes on the Monaco Cocktail Drinking Game!

Cue –
Nando –
Matt –
Nick –
Sean –

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Credit For Music – Title: Cold Funk By Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed Under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”


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  1. Nando is a good "straight man" when it comes to chugging. I really feel his pain but dude should be an editor or cameraman for the most part lmao. Cheers to all regardless 🍻

  2. Matt it's been a little while since I've watched a video from you guys, apologies for that, have you lost weight? You look slimmer than you were, also your beards changed as well! Sorry if this is weird for anyone t read..

  3. I'm so upset that this channel doesn't get more views, like this is one of the funniest YouTube accounts out there.

  4. Those have been in the Chicago market for at least 5 years. Not a fan of those style of beverage anymore but the blue is the only good one from what I remember.

  5. That was a fun challenge love that you had to drink the Monaco with a straw and numbers six with cheese on YouTube did a review on Monaco and they really liked it

  6. I miss Chris owning everyone.. Matt's a close 2nd or Pink, but still. Need more Chris wrecking 4 lokos in 20 seconds or less


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