Lumarosa series Ep. 2 – [Fighting the Ender Dragon + End City]


WARNING: slight usage of profane language is present.
DISCLAIMER: this video was not sponsored. Don’t listen to the doggo..
Hellur, new YouTuber here! Welcome to my channel of genocide, where a few of my heathens and I try to adventure, play and survive the murders of the night…
In this video we faced off against the Ender Dragon and as you can see, we defeated her fairly quickly.. There was also the surprise cameo visit from a new draggo… I wonder who that could be?? Stick with this series and you may find out soon!
It’s not that kind of modpack, no. This will be an anything-goes modpack, one that I ended up putting together with various mods, including my one and only Umbrella_Ghast’s “Engender Mod”! It ensures that survival is inevitable, along with some elements of surprise here and there. The matrix-like die-a-lot modpack is what it is.

(Second video in and if you could tell I’ve been tweaking with a video editing tool.)


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