Love Playlist | Season2 – Special Edition (Click CC for ENG sub)


Once you watch it, you won’t stop watching the Love Playlist seriese!
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– Wed/Sun 7 p.m.(KST, GMT +9) : Story of the students
– Thu/Sat 7 p.m.(KST, GMT +9) : Story of the young adults(or office workers)

– Cast –

Lee Hyun-seung : Kim Hyung-suk
Jung Ji-won : Jung Shin-hye
Han Jae-in : Lee You-jin
Kang Yoon : Park Jung-woo
Kim Min-woo : Choi Hui-seung
Gwak Jun-mo : Lim Hwe-jin
Kim Do-young : Min Hyo-won


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  1. Godd. Hyun seung looks exactly like lee hong ki. They even have almost the same personality.And kang yoon is perfect i'm fallin for him second by second. love this drama, even the ost in season 4 is by exo cbx!

  2. in korea they write few words from a chalk and get to see amovie in return thanks
    here if you would the biggest help to someone they only say Thnx and sometimes they dont even say it!

  3. He is kissing a block of wood; the woman just doesn’t move. Why bother choosing women who simply don’t reciprocate the man’s affection??

  4. 9:10 so he can't be friends with one girl alongside a bunch of guys, but she can be friends with two guys??? 😤

  5. 6:31 her glass went from mostly empty to halfway full in the next shot 😂 the magic of TV, am I right? I think that's magic any heavy drinkers out there would want

  6. 🤗😇🙆🏻‍♀️😃😃🤗🤨🤗😁🤗😄🤪🤪✨🙃💩🤪💖👏💓👏✨🤯✨🐝🐝🤪😇

  7. Knp bib? Mau ajak saya bercinta satu malam?
    Kira2 mnurut anda ini pelecehan gak?

    Mohon maaf, cari yg lain aja Guru,
    Kita sdh ga ada hubungan apa2
    Kebiasaan saya, sy ga punya keinginan mengulang2 kejadian yg lewat,

    Selamat jalan semoga bahagia

  8. 1:45:03 here she reminds me Solar from mamamoo

    vi prego, aspetto anche commenti da italianii! AHAHAHAH jokee~


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