How to Transfer Data From Nintendo DSi to Nintendo 3DS


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  1. This doesn’t work!! I have wifi with WPA protection and the ds doesn’t support it!! Disliked.

  2. I don't really get it, I used "Custom Transfer" and when I tried to transfer one of my games, it said "Save data will be deleted" or something like that. Perhaps I read that incorrectly, does it mean it deletes the save data on the DSi, but still transfers it to the 3DS?

  3. For some reason my 3ds and my little brother's dsi xl can't connect together even tho they're both connected to the internet.

  4. I tried so hard to get my friends with DSi handhelds to get this software. They never listen to me. Then they buy a new 3DS and complain they lost all their old software.

  5. This is Nintendo's way of saying "hey why do you still have a DSi it's dead by our new stuff you poor peasant." I have a 3ds right now though so yeah.


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