August 10, 2020
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An easy song to help students learn when to double the consonant in a verb or adjective when adding the suffixes -ed, -ing, -er or -est and -y.

It can also be useful to teach some vocabulary by miming the actions.


Run, running
Swim, swimming
Sitting, sitting, sitting (x2)

Stopped. Dropped. Hopped x2

Rob, robber
Drum, drummer
Digger, digger, digger (x2)

Stopped. Dropped. Mopped x2

Hot, hotter
Big, bigger
Thinner, thinner, thinner (x2)

Stopped. Dropped. Popped x2

Lesson hints:

Write or project some of the words from the song (running, swimming, sitting, stopped, dropped…etc) on the board.

Ask students to see if they notice a pattern.

Explain this pattern as the “CVC Rule” where often a word ending in a consonant, a vowel and consonant (CVC) will need a duplicated final consonant when adding letters like -ing or -er.

Obviously, there are exceptions to this explanation, but in general the rule works.
(Some exceptions: W X Z are never doubled, a final c will change to ck e.g. panic — panicked, etc)

By learning to identify this pattern your students will have an easier time writing.


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