How to Surf | Top 15 Tips for Intermediate Surfers | Improve your Technique


Do you want to improve your surfing? Here is our top 15 advice to reach the next level.
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Below are the top 15 tips for intermediate surfers to progress to the next level:
#1 0:30 Surf the proper board for conditions & your level
#2 1:00 Positioning on the wave
#3 1:28 Improve your bottom turn
#4 1:56 Your head is your steering wheel
#5 2:19 Turning, step by step
#6 2:48 Compress the lower body
#7 3:17 Catch the wave at the peak
#8 3:47 Generate your own speed
#9 4:14 Paddle with power
#10 4:33 Move your feet
#11 4:50 Learn from other surfers
#12 5:05 Practise rail-to-rail surfing
#13 5:32 Focus
#14 5:45 Visualize
#15 6:27 Have fun!

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  1. You are brilliant. I've followed your lessons for ages – even before Barefoot Surf (who could mistake that voice!). I love the stepwise way you break things down and take it gradually. Aboslutely the best surfing instruction I've seen (and, incidentally, a great example for instruction in any field). Many thanks and please keep 'em coming.

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  3. I wish I had this a year ago. There’s so much good info here, it’s gold. I doubt expert surfers who already know this stuff would actually be able to explain it to me anywhere near this level. (I’ve watched plenty of how to videos.) Thanks!

  4. #4 not always true. frontside cut back. set the rail first with your arse sinking your heals, when you are halfway start your wrap by leading with your head. this is what fanning, parko and dingo do. you arrive at the lip with more speed and a better angle

  5. Sorry but this is a dumb video. In the beginning you show what type of board should an intermediate surfer use and than show all the techniques and examples on a short board surfed by advanced surfers. Walk the talk and stop bullshitting

  6. When taking off on a wave I seem to pop up and my body is facing down the wave but my board doesn't have the same direction as my body as more often more straight then towards the direction I wanna go. Should my body follow the board direction then turn together or the other way round?

  7. Wow this is amazing you guys literally shoved years worth of understanding in less than 8 minutes. Good on you 🙌❤

  8. Good one! Bottom turn example is not the best. Surfer doesn’t set up properly and as a result does a big counter rotation with his arms at 1:49. If he’d thrown his back arm back just after the bottom this would’ve been avoided.

  9. Awesome video, thank you much ! Especcialy for the last tip… I am from Latvia and I don't have a chance to surf so often how I want to… And when I have a chance – I am trying to improove my surfing skill as much as I can, but I am forcing myself too hard sometimes and getting too serius about that, that I can forgot the most important why I am doing that – to have fun. 🙂
    Thanks again, I am love your videos and would try to use all your tips tomorrow in Mexico, Sayulita. 🙂


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