How to Pronounce Korean Double Consonants – Batchim Sound Part 3


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In this video lesson, you will learn how to pronounce Korean double consonants. They will help you express yourself as a native Korean speaker. This is the best place to start learning the Korean language!

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  1. You need to know hangul, the Korean alphabet, prior to this lesson so check out our free hangul lesson and free hangul eBook:

    I hope this lesson helps❤️Thank you, everyone, and see you next week!

    Teacher K-Jin |

  2. WHY does this "two consonants at bat-chim but you only pronounce one of them" rule exist? It feels like pointlessly adding difficulty just for the sake of it. If 닭 is chicken but is pronounced 닥, why didn't the language's inventors decide to name the chicken 닥 instead? It feels so pointless to have two consonants at the end!

  3. Yes, Hangul is very easy. It's also interesting and beautiful. 🙂 But I doubt that I would be able to learn many Korean words and speak Korean currently. It's simply TOO different from the European languages that I'm used to. And it seems very difficult. Greetings from Romania.

  4. How do we know when to use the silent double consonant when trying to spell?
    For example.. if i did not know it was "닭" i would probably spell it "닥" is there any thing that should tell me when to use the double consonant instead of the single one? Thank you and i hope this question made sense 🤞🏼

  5. I have a question, does pronunciation change the meaning of words like in Mandarin chinese? Because that little fact is why I'm terrified of Asian languages lol. Been thinking of giving up Mandarin in favor of Korean because I already like watching Korean dramas anyway so learning the language would be more engaging for me I guess


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