How to Play: Tokaido


Tutor Games’ very own, Leslie, help explain how to play the game Above and Below. Find out from her if this is the game for you. In this video, Tutor Games will show you win conditions, the contents of your game, how to set up for play, as well as rules and what to do each turn with your new game. Join the Tutor Crew in this how-to-play session. Skip out on reading confusing rulebooks and learn the basics of your board game. Join Tutor Games in the new age of board gaming.

Tokaido is a Race to the finish, points gathering game. In Tokaido players will begin with their character card, a place holder token, a point marker chip and several coins determined by your character card. Players will travel forward on the Tokaido road stopping at various locations to gain points. each location offers your character different enriching experiences as they head toward their final destination. Players gain more points as their experiences become more and more diverse. Be sure to stop by the various temples, towns, farms, and beautiful panoramic scenes as you travel. Along the road other players may block a location, or you may run out of funds.Choose your destinations wisely as you can not turn back.


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