How to Play Hangman


Learn the rules to the board game Hangman quickly and concisely – This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of the game is to guess the word before the character is hung. Setup: draw gallows. One person, the puzzle giver, thinks of a word, phrase or sentence, and draws a row of dashes representing each letter of the word. Proper nouns and slang words are not allowed. The other player guesses letters, one at a time, until they fill in the word or lose. The puzzle giver may not change the word in the middle of the game.

Each time a correct letter is guessed from the word, the puzzle giver fills in all the corresponding empty dashes with that letter for the word. If the letter doesn’t belong to the word, draw it on the side for reference and add another appendage to the stick man hangman. The stick man consists of a head, body, 2 arms and 2 legs. Alternately you can add more detail to the stick man to give the guesser more tries.

If the stick man is completed before the word is guessed, then the puzzle giver wins. If the word is filled in before the stick man is completed then the guessing player wins.


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  1. I only hang to an image whom i created in my mind. I wonder whether such person exist or not. In my life, i have never really attached myself so much to anyone until i can 100% count on them for everything. One of my wish too. I wonder do such person exist for anyone or may be i am over expecting??? Don't know.

  2. Phew! Thanks! I have to do a match of hangman at my bible school and this saved me some time! It’s in 2 hours at the moment, thanks again!

  3. Draw a foot-long ribbon of slobber coming from the mouth of an expressionless face,. Draw a deeeep ligature mark in a neck.
    Draw a pair of legs and feet on the ground.

  4. I played this game with my friends. It was difficult at first, but it was fun and I felt nervous as I kept doing it. I want to play this game with more friends later.

  5. Logan paul wants to know your location

    Edit: i know its a dead meme but its just a very good time to use the meme one more time


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