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This is the finger drinking game. All you need is a cup and your friends and their beers. Now, all the friends sit around in a circle and each player gets to pour as much beer as they want into the middle cup. Be aware that you may be drinking this beer at the end of the game and factor that into your decision of how much beer you pour into it. Now, everyone takes their right index finger and places it on the lip of the cup.

Now, for teaching sake I’m just going to teach you with just two people, two players. That will be usually closer to the end of the game because you’ll have, you know, four, five, six, ten players playing. Each person puts their finger on the lip of the cup and you have the choice to either leave your finger or remove your finger. Now, how the game works is that the first person will say one, two, three and then any number between zero and the number of finger on the cup.

So, for this it could be zero, one, or two. Then, both players have the option to leave their finger or remove their finger. So, an example: one, two, three, one. Now, if I’m this player and I said that and I removed my finger and this finger is the only one left I win. I was correct about the number of fingers left. So, say there’s six fingers around the cup and you go one, two, three, five and everyone removes their finger from the cup you lost.

So, it passes on to the next player and the next player does the exact same thing; they say one, two, three and then they say any number between zero and how many fingers are still on the cup. If you guess correctly, meaning the number of fingers left on the cup is the number you said, you can remove your finger from the cup and you are safe from drinking the beer at the end of the game.

So, essentially the last person with their finger still on the cup has to drink the beer at the end.


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  1. I saw a game on a Chinese family show. The game was called the finger guessing game. They didn't use a cup to place their fingers on & it was only 2 adults playing at one time. They each had a glass of beer. They had fun and acknowledged the loser but both laughed and drink the beers. That said they stated they would not just play with anyone (lol would get drunk)
    This video explains the basics but the Asian version game play is better.

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  3. I have another idea. All players put their finger on the lip of the cup and someone who is not playing asks true and false questions. If you think the answer is true, keep your finger on the cup, and if you think the answer is false, remove your finger. The winner gets to choose any of the participants to drink the cup.

  4. should have a one cup for the fingers and the other cup filled up , who knows what peoples fingers have been on or in.. ew lol

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  6. You are so wrong. But the trick is to up the ante and have every player pick an ingredient that goes in the cup. Then you might end up with a nice beer-gin-red bull-milk-tabasco drink, and then you have yourself a game 😀


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