House Rules Games | Tokaido Play Through pt 1


Hey guys welcome back to our house, thanks for joining us today as we play Tokaido along with one of our friends. We hope you enjoy.

Our camera cut out for some reason after 20 min but we see it as a blessing because we were going to stop and double check our points anyways. We hope you enjoy please come back tomorrow and join us for part 2.

As always we would like to remind you that we do not own any rights or privileges to this game we only do these videos to inform and entertain. This game is released by Fun Forge created by Antoine Bauza and Naiade.

If you didn’t see we also have an unboxing video, we explain a couple of the rules as we unbox and you can see up close everything we are playing with today.

Please if you dont know how to play and can not figure it out from this first half feel free to jump over to TableTop of Geek & Sundry and learn from Wil Weaton…

Mark 16:15 Go everywhere in the world and tell the good news to everyone.


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