GENOCIDE BATTLE with EVERY AU SANS (at once!) | Undertale: Ink Sans Fight


In this Undertale AU Sequel fangame, it seems Ink Sans has brought more than a few friends with him to stop our Genocide. Not only do we have to fight Ink Sans… but EVERY single Sans you can think of from EVERY AU! Underswap, Underfell, Underfresh, Storyshift, Undynetale, Oceantale.. you name it… they are all here to stop the genocide, but even with these odds, we can do this!


Art used in thumbnail:
(ink sans) –
(horrortale sans) –
(underswap sans) –
(underfresh sans) –
(storyshift sans) –
(geno sans) –

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About: In this Undertale Alernative AU fangame we fight Ink Sans along with the likes of Underfell Sans, Underswap Sans, Underfresh Sans, Storyshift Sans… yeah, you get the picture, as CHARA on our journey to complete our True Genocide. Because we have destroyed all the AU’s, we have kind of made Ink Sans have to step up… and well…


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  1. The sanses is: sans, red, fatal error, reaper, blue, fresh, science sans/past sans, horror, nightmare, king sans, birdtale sans, killer, gaster sans, sixbones papyrus, steam sans, meme sans, ultra sans, undysans, undersail sans

  2. You don't know what red meams…It kinda is a way worse version of white. Not worse like bad but, worse like it hurts you more…

  3. This is how many sans I know but I might forget some
    I might get the name wrong
    Fell sans
    Swap sans
    Swapfell sans
    Fellswap sans
    Echo sans
    Underlust sans
    Ink sans
    Error sans
    Birdtale sans
    Othertale sans
    Horrorswap sans
    Judgement swap sans
    Dustgraced sans
    Dust sans
    Nightmare sans
    Error 404 sans
    Glitch sans glitchtale sans
    God sans
    Killer sans
    Horror sans
    Sixbones sans (sans/papyrus)
    Dancetale sans
    Dustnightmare sans
    Nightmarehorror sans
    Horrornightmare sans
    Geno sans (error sans)
    Underpants sans
    Ultra sans
    Gaster sans
    Dust ultra sans

  4. The 3rd sans that appeared was reaper sans and ink creates au's so he recreated these sans. The 5th sans is science sans the one after normal sans is killer sans. the sans with the colourful wings is sans after he absorbs the human souls. Ink was the first one who attacked u

  5. Sans
    Geno Sans
    Fell Sans
    Reaper Sans
    Swap Sans
    Fresh Sans
    Science Sans
    Nightmare Sans
    Horror Sans
    Storyshift Sans
    Star Sans
    Heaven Sans
    Killer Sans
    Gaster Sans
    God Sans
    Magic Sans
    Clockwork Sans
    Ultra Sans
    Toriel Sans
    Orange Sans
    Undyne Sans
    Pirate Sans


    Horrortale + Dreamtale
    The Thought
    Ultra Sans

  7. Some of them are nicknames
    1. Ink
    2. Classic
    3. Geno
    4. Edgy
    5. Reaper
    6. Blue / Blueberry
    7. Fresh
    8. Scientist Sans
    9. Nightmare
    10. Axe / Horror
    11. King Sans
    12. Outertale Sans
    13. Birdtale Sans
    14. Killertale
    15. Echotale
    16. Sepharim Sans
    17. Sixbones
    18. Idk about this one
    19. SNAS
    20. Ultra Sans
    21.Dancetale Sans
    22.Hardtale Sans
    23. Idk about this one
    24. Ocean tale Sans

  8. Well he’s the CREATOR of the AU’s so he’s the protector of them as well so he’s not just the protector of the AU’s so I know a lot of stuff about au stuff u can ask me if u want about anything else about there timelines or them there self


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