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In this video we do a game bag abuse test to find the strongest game bags out there. We set out to find the best and strongest game bags for hunting (with and eye for finding the best game bags for elk and the best game bags for deer). We also did an unscientific test to find the most breathable game bags, and you can see those results over on our website This strongest game bags review should help you decide what you want to take in the field this year. Whether you are look for moose game bags, deer game bags, or the best game bags for elk, check out the results of this weight test!

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  1. Great Review! Thanks Gabe, I always like to see the stress style tests. It lets you know what that equipment can go through. Glad I carry the VIAM Bags

  2. Are cotton bags better under wet Alaskan conditions? For example, the author of "Float Hunting Alaska's Wild Rivers" prefers conventional cotton game bags to get the meat to dry quicker compared to synthetic bags:

  3. Weight and breathability is another consideration. A cotton bag almost 4 times the weight of one TAG bag…for a bull moose in Alaska, ~12 pounds of cotton bags would be needed, compared to only 3 pounds of TAG bags, plus a substantial reduction in packing bag volume.


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