Game Bag Abuse — goHUNT Gear Stress Test


In this stress test, we put the Caribou Gear “Muley Meat on Bone” game bag, Alaska game bag, and a trash bag through a goHUNT beating to see which one is left standing.

Let us know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on other hunting gear stress tests that we should do. If you’d like to check out the featured products in this video the links are provided below.

Caribou Gear “Muley Meat on Bone” Ultra Light Game Bag Set

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  1. Are cotton bags really better than synthetic bags for wet hunts such as caribou/moose in Alaska?

    Synthetic bags are more packable, for example for my Alaska moose hunts 12 pounds of cotton bags compared to 3 pounds of TAG bags for a bull moose.
    A test of how quickly synthetic bags versus cotton bags dry and wick water would be helpful….dry cool meat is the goal.

  2. The "Alaska Game Bags" that are available locally in Alaska Walmart/Fred Meyers are terrible as the mesh is not dense enough to prevent blowfly eggs and ultimately maggots in the meat. Blowfly maggets are a risk in Alaska if the air temperature is above 55 degrees. I always use denser game bags such as TAG bags, Caribou bags, etc.

  3. Maybe it’s just me but I have a hard time going off anything a guy wearing his hat like that says about gear.

  4. I use Caribou bags and they work well except walking over dead fall or walking through a burn it Christmas trees will rip it with those sharp little branches.

  5. We hang moose quarters bone in on those Alaska bags every year and it works great. You just have to be careful not to rip them length wise and they should hold just fine. Also very easy to insert your meat in to because you can roll/unroll the bag around it. However the blood does soak through quite quickly and there isn't a ton of material to soak it up.

  6. Good tests! Could you guys do a binocular harness test/ comparison video?

    I think after watching this I'd prefer the Alaska Game Bags. They can stretch to make fitting loads easier and they will probably never have all that weight sitting at the bottom if they are put in a pack with a load shelf. Plus, most people aren't going to add 140 lbs of meat to the game bag.


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