October 22, 2020
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Info for entertainment only. See end of instructions on where to buy. There are getting harder to find.

How to Play:
1The first spinner establishes the “Ante” amount to start a round.
2. Each player puts up an Ante. There can be any number of rounds to a game.
3.The “Ante” can be anything. An amount of money, tokens, clothing ( strip poker!), even livestock, use your imagination!
4. Any spinner can start a round of play.
5. The first player spins the top. If the top comes down “P” side uppermost the player puts into the pot the amount of Ante(s) indicated (i.e. Put one, two, three or All). For “AP” all players re-ante one into the pot. If the spinner lands with “Take” side uppermost the player takes the amount indicated from the pot. After spinning the player passes the top be re-started with a new Ante.
6. The Top can be passed in any direction as long as it maintains that same direction for the entire round.
The markings on the top generally mean:

T1 = The spinner takes one (1) Ante from the pot.
T2 = The spinner takes two (2) Antes from the pot.
T3 = The spinner takes three (3) Antes from the pot.
P1 = The spinner Re-Antes one (1) into the pot.
P2 = The spinner Re-Antes two (2) into the pot.
P3 = The spinner Re-Antes three (3) into the pot.
AP = The spinner and “All Players” Re-Ante one (1) into the pot.
TA = The spinner “Takes All”.
That’s how the honest game was played.
To use a trick top to win beer,pretzels, and at strip poker , you can get one at Amazon here:

Also, I started getting together various gambling videos here: www.gamblingmagictricks.com

Nguồn: https://ksvet.net/

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  1. ROBERT KELLY Posted on July 27, 2020 at 4:27 am

    You learn something new everyday. Thanks for this video about a gambling device I had never heard of.

    I got here because I ran into the word "teetotum" while reading the short story "Dr. Tarr anf Prof. Fether" by Edgar Allan Poe.

    At first I thought teetotum was a variant of teetotaler, boy was I ever wrong.