Frisk vs Bete Noire FULL FIGHT SCENE | Glitchtale S2 Ep4 (Part 2)


I figured this would be the scene you guys would want to watch the most so I cut it! Strelok will upload a no music version on his channel soon so give that a visit as well!.

This portion includes the entirety of the battle between Frisk and Betty and continues through Papyrus and Sans confrontation until Papyrus manages to save his corrupted brother from HATE.

Songs are:

1- Bete Noire (Betty’s fight theme) Glitchtale OST by NyxTheShield

2- Frisk Genocide Theme Glitchtale OST by NyxTheShield

3- Blood and Bone Glitchtale OST by Rush Garcia

4- Glimpse of Light by Rush Garcia

Links to these songs are in the description of the original video
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  1. Hey guys. Looking for an update on the next episode of this series?

    Well let me tell ya. After working on this episode for 4 months straight I was going to take a break. But instead I started working on the episode "Glitchtale Origins", so for yet another month I kept working on it. This was released on November.

    It was supossed to count as an episode but for some reason people don't count it as one…

    On Nomvember AND December,I decided to take a break. No animating, because I was freaking exhausted and because christmas and new years was comming.

    I couldn't stop myself and I actually worked on the animation just a little bit, but my body was so tired I got sick and decided I'd just fully rest for a couple weeks.

    New years came and January started. I had a meeting with my fans the first week and this week I bought a new tablet. To make the animation process faster and make it have a better quality.

    As of now,I have a little bit more than 3 minutes on this next episode, and I will take the average time I take for regular episodes to finish up this one, which is 2 months.

    Yes, animation takes time. Months or constant work, working from monday to monday 6-7 hours a day for 2 months is what usually takes me to make an episode.

    Until then I have to somehow make money from youtube so I don't starve to death the months I can't produce an animation. So it'd help me a lot if you guys can ACTUALLY watch my other videos, even if you don't enjoy the content. If you enjoy my animations, at least help me survive until I can make a new episode lol.

    For more updates like this PLEASE read the descriptions of my videos or follow me on twitter/tumblr where I give updates about my animation.

  2. I dont want to say for the best animation ever a thing the creator will not like it (on my opinion), but, after 2 years i noticed that sans and papyrus can have nose now :3

    Ps: That's not a bad thing, i love your animation <3, and i think you wanted that and everyone who noticed like it like me

  3. Like seriously…. I still love to say "THATS A LOTTA DAMAGE" in high voice whenever frisk hits some powerful blows on Betty…

  4. 5:23–5:29 was this part based on the attack that blond guy does in mob psycho 100? (I don't remember his name but i think that part was on ep 5)


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