Drinking Games for Gamers: Sake Bomberman


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In this latest episode of drinking games for gamers The Warp Zone has concocted a brand new game that we like to call Sake Bomberman!


1. If you die, take a drink of beer
2. If you kill yourself, take a shot of Sake
3. If you get killed by the dangerous bomb, Sake Bomb!
4. AND if you get killed by a land mine, take a Sake shot loser


Last place at the end of a full game has to take a Sake Bomb!

This episode stars:
Will –

– The Warp Zone –

Nguồn: https://ksvet.net/

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  1. I will say it benefits to know both outcomes and accept it you are going to take the risk. People are more than people in how we plot our course through life, what point A and B should be, and the drink can evaporate what good we accumulated til then preeetty quickly. XD Just don't do it habitually or have more than one vice and you're good! Get stuck in the lotus den… you gotta crawl out to stand up again. Meta4 you.
    *goofy grin bc proud of metaphor word play

  2. People are people, but introduce them to different environment and stimuli for extended periods and they become different people. Not that it has to do with anything. Just wanted those who havn't got shit faced to be familiar with it's unique… "vibe". Because who wouldn't be better off without one of those learning experiences where you learn you can puke green? Without the terrible pain of doing so in a friend's house when trying to be cool. lol
    Hasn't stopped me in the past though. Fuck it.

  3. Not trying to be a dick here but that's just the truth. You can do what you want but anyone that doesn't like drinking has no reason to watch these in the first place. People saying "that's lame" are being assholes, but seriously there's better things to be doing than copying people for coolness. Anyone standing up for you saying you should do it just because others say it's lame~
    They just want to feel cool standing up against literally anyone, no matter how honest the intentions. bronies.. :[

  4. Me and my friend is doing this now.
    We don't have the sake, so we changed the rules a bit.
    If we get fragged, the same rules apply.
    Get fragged by our own bomb: Drink half a can of beer.
    D. Bomb'd: Drink the can!
    Thanks for the fun, Warp Zone!!

  5. I reckon you guys should try a Drinking Games for Gamers for the deathmatch mode of Spelunky. I'd love to see that.

  6. I'm still confused about why high-pitched David Tennant is hanging out with you. I think it must all make sense in the long-run.

  7. As another guy named Ryan, I have to dispute ONE part of this video:

    NOTHING is more fun than watching drunk Japanese businessmen sing karaoke.

  8. I played this with two friends for about 40 minutes until we ran out of Sake. It was not a small bottle. We're just bad at Bomberman. They continued with Mario Kart Drunk Driving, I sat out. One guy puked, the other one wandered into a rub 'n' tug and asked if they served food.

  9. Me and four of my friends tried out this drinking game last week. Never had so much fun in my entire life!
    Thanks WarpZone!!!


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