DIVEKICK DRINKING GAME (Drinking Games for Gamers)


Welcome back Drinking Games! This week, it’s our game for Divekick, called Imbibekick. You wish you thought of this name.
More drinking games here:

1 drink for getting KO’d
Waterfall for as long as you’re dizzy after a headshot
Loser drinks the difference of wins and losses in a match.
Lose to a player with the YOLO gem, finishes drink

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  1. The time is ripe. The fans need a new drinking game. Dammit we need a new drinking game. Lol. Maybe left 4 dead? Or another drinking game for nerds? Anything will be awesome

  2. hey guys on the comment I know that you dont know me but please if your gonna comment on a video please say do another series of office smite please spirit bomb

  3. If you're taking suggestions, how's XCOM Enemy Inebriated (for enemy unknown) i have some ideas for it if you want to ask me 🙂

  4. assasins creed
    I wanna be the guy
    crash comando
    naruto storm
    star wars jedi acadamy
    dragon ball
    just cause

  5. Naruto Storm any one of them

    Naruto Shit Stormed

    Waterfall your drink for as long as an ultimate jutsu is performed

    if the person who used the ultimate hutsu fails to land the hit he must take 3 drink


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