Deer/Game feeder complete assembly and review


This in-depth video shows the complete assembly, and operation of the WildGame Metal Monsta-P hanging game feeder kit. Also contains my review of this product along with some helpful hints to make the feeder last longer out in the woods.
Photocell timer adjusts to daylight hours, disperses corn 1 hour after sunrise, 1 hour before sunset. Check your local laws for baiting.

Feeder Results:

Set for 7 second spin time
Started 12/26, ended 1/6
12 days, 35 pounds of corn
2.91lb per day / 1.45lb per spin
Set for 5 second spin time
Started 1/7, ended 1/21
16 days, 35 pounds of corn
2.18lb per day / 1.09lb per spin


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  1. About 6 to 8 weeks. Depending on how long you have it set to spin for you will be filling up a lot more often.


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