Cimorelli – Pretty Pink (Official Video)


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From our new album “Sad Girls Club” available worldwide!


DIRECTED BY: Israel Anthem and Lisa Cimorelli
STARRING: Cimorelli and Sarah Ritter
GUEST APPEARANCES BY: Judy Jackson and Sean Sheetz

SNAPCHAT: ItsCimorelli



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  1. Each and every one of you are beautiful and worth it!
    Watch our cover of Scars to Your Beautiful 💜

  2. wow im crying aswell this song was sent to me and i cried as i gace up so i was sent t to cheer me up but i cried lots <3

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  7. LISA MICHELLE CIMORELLI stop killing me with these lyrics and vocal girllllllll these are so goodddd 😭😭😭😭 I’m in love

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  9. I was sent the link to this song last night by a friend who knows that I've been struggling with self-worth. What she didn't know is that she sent this to me right before I was going to take my life and this song saved me. Thank you Cimorelli <3

  10. Dang. Felt like this was talking directly to me. I looked at the lyrics before I heard the song and instantly teared up when I read “Its okay if they find out.” And then the next line was “You’re not okay.” I feel constant pressure to be the happy one in a family that expects it of me. But behind closed doors, I just let loose and be myself. It’s refreshing

  11. came back to this song because i really needed to hear this right now at the point i'm at in life and im crying

  12. This song is absolutely beautiful. Thank you Cimorelli for creating such beautiful music, your voices are a blessing on this earth

  13. This is a very beautiful and inspirational song hopefully those who are looking down on themselves will get the note that they perfect the way they are.


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