Chicken Feet Barbecue (Chan Ga Nuong) – Hanoi Night Street Food – Vietnam Cheap street food


Grilled chicken feet have long been popular with the young generation and students in Hanoi. Every afternoon, at Nguyen Thai Hoc street or Ly Van Phuc street, an appealing fragrance of grilled chicken feet will attract you to stop in any street shop and enjoy.

The roasted chicken feet with salt is a new dish but is quite popular with Hanoi diners. The new dish has appeared in restaurants, diners and sidewalk drinking restaurants in Hanoi.

Address : 5 Ly Van Phuc Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi City, Vietnam
Open : 20pm- 24pm
Price : 0,5$ – 2$

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  1. Yes Asians eat chicken feet, I super love it, if Adam and eve were Asians, I'm sure they would be eating the snake and not the forbidden fruit, hehehe….

  2. They are called chicken feet. I had some chicken feet and rice when I was younger it was good but a little bit of meat on it. Lol 😆

  3. Great video, but a little confusing. Most of the video is "chicken feet", but then the end is chicken "leg". And no mention of the sauce or flavor. I was thinking about you, New Song, today because I made a Taiwanese street food video and it's still processing so check my channel in a few hours to see "jo cai he zi". Enjoy!


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