Caribou Gear – Wapiti Game Bag System


Caribou Gear Ultralight Synthetic Game Bags
The Original Patented and Most Technologically Advanced Game Bag Ever Designed


This ultralight package system was created for the remote hunter, in pursuit of elk or like sized game. The High Country Series package system includes a meat transfer form and durable vented storage bag. Designed to house the meat of an entire bull elk…meat on bone.

Product Number #8828

Package Content:
5 – 23” x 40” Synthetic Meat Bags
1 – 16’ X 30” Meat Parts Bag
1 – Vented Storage Bag and Meat Transfer Form
Weight: 16 Ounces

The High Country Series – This multi game bag package system is designed for the remote backcountry hunter carrying the bare minimum necessary, but yet have all required to protect game meat of an entire animal.

The High Country Series line of products includes THE WAPITI, CARIBOU, MULEY AND CARNIVORE IIII. All of the High Country list of products are designed for meat on bone, excluding the Carnivore III, this package system is designed to house deboned meat.

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The Magnum Pack Series – Includes; (large) Moose Pack, (medium) Elk Pack. (small) Deer Pack.

The Magnum Pack System – This multi game bag package system is designed and packaged with a list of extras, ID Tags, Zip Locks, Plastic Bag, Cape Bag, Camp Meat Bag, Meat Transfer Form, Field Tips, Instructions, in addition to quarter bags and meat parts bag.

Only Using The Finest Components
Caribou Gear Game Bags are designed from experience and years of field test trial and error development. Caribou Gear game bags made of the same ultralight, extreme durable synthetic fabric, engineered to breathe like cotton with a precise thread count, this gives way to a air welcoming density that delivers the ultimate in moisture wicking, game meat protection from insects, dirt and debris. During the engineered fabrication design we added double stitching using ultra thick heavy duty thread, being sure not to double layer fabric or attachments at any location of the game bag that would restrict air circulation.

We didn’t stop there! We incorporated light reflective attachments, lock loops, heavy duty stitching, cord, and cord locks. Now with a game bag and package system unlike any other on the market.

We didn’t use a pure nylon for a reason!
Nylon by it’s nature snags, shreds and retains moisture that encourages bacteria growth that would prematurely spoil game meat. Nylon tent or parachute material is not an ideal game bag fabric, that’s why we spent 6 years developing our fabric. Caribou Gear Game Bags didn’t happen overnight!
Our PATENTED high performance, synthetic, ultralight game bags are designed for years of service.
Beware of look alike designs, their nylon bags derived from our success. Don’t settle for less, buy the game bags that are simply proven to work, easy clean, ready to use, made to last. Caribou Gear game bags are available at all major sporting good stores.

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