AN AWKWARD START WITH A SPIDER GIRL… | Minecraft: A Final Love [1]


Yet again, Minecraft turns Anime! Minecraft a Final Love is the third chapter to the Minecraft “a true love” series of visual novel/ dating sims based off of… well.. hmm.. Minecraft.

game here –

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About: (dev description) What is this game?

Why, this is the final installment of the Minecraft: A True Love series…and probably the best one, I might add.
You play as a guy just looking for some girls, and get much more than what you bargained for. Will you survive long enough to be with all the girls? Only time will tell.

What can I expect from this finale?

12 total girls
Many previously unseen characters!
Adventures to the End, Nether, and Overworld!
New and improved backgrounds!


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  1. I think this is after Minecraft: A Science's Failure,idk if that true or not but that what I think because there was a party after you save every one!

  2. mairsu use the name steve not ball bag in this oh my god I don't care about you not like the name steve in this minecraft anime videos but please use the name steve.


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