All 4 Endings in Siren Head: Retribution (HARD MODE GAME!)


All 4 Endings in Siren Head: Retribution (HARD MODE GAME!)
“I’m right,” Riley said to herself, scribbling her thoughts on her final page of paper, “Oh, God! Why did I have to be right?”

0:00 First Ending
1:07 Second Ending
2:15 Secret (Gnome Meme) Ending
3:34 Fourth (Anti-Ending) Ending

In Siren Head: Retribution, you play as a mechanic on what should have been routine maintenance. It should have been easy to drive up to the Chattahoochee National Forest ranger station. It would have been easy to meet up with Riley and Dan for another quiet evening. It should have been easy to leave.

Things rarely turn out the way we expect them to.

Trapped by a malevolent creature based on the horrifying works of Trevor Henderson, you find yourself in a battle of wits against the eponymous Siren Head.

Siren Head: Retribution includes an open world, a dynamic enemy, and multiple endings to discover. Will you repair your only escape? Or will you disappear along with the rest?

Long video:

This is my last Siren Head video… SIKE


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  1. You can hear the slight voice crack in the narrator as he tries not to laugh when he says "There's no place like gnome."

  2. I loved it in all, but I don't think they should have added the gnome ending. I think the secret ending would be cool if it had a cool concept to it.

  3. I wonder if there's a "hidden" ending???

    What if you put the gnome in the car AND use the muffler?

    Does anything different happen?

  4. Imagine risking your life to get away from a 40ft tall siren monster just for it to hit you with the gundamstyle I think that’s how you say it


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