A BAD TIME! | Undertale Genocide #3


I am NOT having a good time in Undertale!

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  1. I have spent. so many hours. just watching you not understand the plot of this game. it hurts. I'm in pain. I'm Suffering.

    ily tho. and I've had fun watching. but God dang child my soul.

  2. I never realized while fighting sans you're invincibility frames don't work because the damage stacks in in poison

  3. This has been the most incompetent playthrough I've seen. The childlike wonder that you've shown throughout this series has made it delightful to watch. Comparing this to ProJared's, he was skilled and understood what was happening, but the constant bad attitude really soured it.

  4. Remember when sans tells you he thinks you should know about blue attacks? What if he wasn't saying that because of Papyrus, but he was saying it because of him? I mean he uses blue attacks in his battle so…

  5. Ethan "MEMETH" isn't exactly the player (at least in the pacifist run) the player is frisk while "MEMETH" is the first human to fall down so when Flowey is talking to you he's taking to the first human to fall down or Chara

  6. Hello Ethan, curiously, will you be finishing this run? I just finished watching the pacifist route and the three videos for genocide one after another, and would love it if you finished this route as promised~ I'm sure me and many others are looking forward to it 🙂 hope you finish it 👍

  7. "Those pathetic people that want to see it, but are too weak to do it themselves. I bet someone like that is watching right now."
    puts up middle finger


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