6volt Battery Trick for Game Feeder Motors


Here’s a tip for getting more out of your 6volt battery for your deer feeders for a cheaper price.I’m going to put up a feeder this spring that I wont be able to visit on a regular basis, so I wanted a battery that would last for about 4+ months without worrying about it.. Was thinking about the rechargeable with a solar panel, but I saw that Duracell Quantum came in the size D now.
A 6 volt battery is essentially 4 D size batteries in a nice package. Was wondering how I could duplicate that, but select that batteries I wanted.
Found a 4 D cell battery holder at Radio Shack and decided to use that to hold the batteries. You don’t have to use the Quantums, any D size Alkaline batteries will do.

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  1. I used this on my lawnmower battery which was dead.ㅋ>imgs.love/BatteryTender?љ    It took 2-3 days to charge but the mower cranked right up. Well worth the money.

  2. There's rechargable lead acid batteries for like $5-$10 depending on where in the USA you live. The de-30008 6v is a good battery.

  3. Trick to beat that law would be to set the feeder to go off around midnight so no one would really hear it. Mainly people are the ones that will catch you first then they call the warden.

  4. Will big bucks come to battery feeders? And how long will it take on a Average for deer to come to one guess what I'm asking is which type of feeder is better

  5. Check out Digi-Key, they sell a battery holder for D cell batteries that take the place of the 6 volt battery. It fits right in the feeder motor just like the 6 volt battery does. I bought 2 and with shipping it was around $12 bucks.

  6. Use a 12v battery with a step down to 6v converter. Should last you 6 months. You can add a solar panel later if you wish.

  7. good idea but a solar panel is the way to go, may be more expensive at first but in the long run it saves. I had my feeder with a rechargeable battery of for nearly three years now and still on the same battery. and after deer season I don't disconnect or even pull the feeder,i just stop filling it so when season comes around its still already set for the times I want it for

  8. Cool hack. I'd love to see an update at the end of summer. I get more than six months out of the Duracell 6v's , but my feeders are only running 20 seconds a day. I'd love to save a few bucks any way I can, though. Thumbs up from me!

  9. I got feed out , the 0 deg weather is playing havoc on my cameras . I want to see how long the antlers stay on. This video isn't crisp as the others.


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